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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Your Rates?

Fees for poop scooping services depend on a few factors:

  1. The Number of Dogs
  2. The Size of Your Yard
  3. How Long From Your Last Scoop

Scoop Troops pricing starts at $55.00/month – for an accurate price quote click here. 

Do you Work in The Winter?


Dogs do their business all year around, and so do we! Regardless of the weather, we are almost always out cleaning yards to the best of our ability.

In the rare event we are unable to scoop due to weather conditions we will pull “double duty” the next time we come out to clean.

Do you Work With the Dogs in the Yard?

In most cases, yes! Our team loves animals, and it’s the reason many of our staff members work at Scoop Troop. However, there are cases when dogs can be aggressive and may not allow our staff to enter the yard safely. If this is the case we may ask that you restrain your dog to a safe area before we can clean.

What is my Responsibility as a Client?

  1. Your yard must be easily accessible
  2. Lawns should be cut on a regular basis without large amounts of leaves or debris. Autumn in the scooping industry is known as “poop camouflage season.” Please be mindful that we can only pick up what we can see.
  3. Gates should be free of snow & Ice and unlocked when we arrive. If you provide us with gate codes we will always lock up once we are done.
  4. Aggressive dogs must be left indoors on scheduled service days.
  5. If you know you will not need services please give us at least 48 hours notice.

How do I Make Payments?

  1. The preferred method of payment is through the Scoop Troop App powered by Sweep & Go. You can set up automatic billing through the app or pay as you go

Do You Guarantee Your Work?

Scoop Troop stands behind its dog waste removal services by offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee If you are unsatisfied with any service we will send out a scoop tech to your home to re-clean until you are satisfied.

Scoop Troop Service Policies

Pricing Policy

  • Quotes in most cases are accurate, however, no pricing is final until the yard is fully inspected on the first visit. We will communicate with you if there is any price change before starting services.
  • Customers that choose to pause services for any reason will be subject to initial cleaning fees before being added to the monthly service again.

Payment Policy

  • Payments for initial or one-time cleanups are due upon completion of the job.
    • If you move forward with monthly service after an initial cleanup you will be billed for the remainder of the month on your second cleanup.
  • Payments for reoccurring services are due on the first day of each month prior to receiving services.
    • If payments are late you will be subject to a $10 late fee.
    • If payment is not received before the first cleaning of the month you will be removed from the service schedule.
  • The monthly fee is based on a 52-week calendar and averaged out over 12 months. For months with 5 weeks instead of 4, you will not be charged for the extra visit as it is built into the monthly pricing.
  • When first linking a debit or credit card to your online portal a test transaction for $1.50 will occur. No money is actually taken out of your account.

Winter Policy

  • Scoop Troop operates 12 months a year and will always show up when weather conditions are safe regardless of rain, snow, or other unfavorable weather conditions.
  • If we are unable to provide service for one week due to unsafe conditions we will perform double duty the following week and you will still be charged for the full month. This is because there is just as much pet waste and time spent on each yard.
  • Clients who maintain their subscription throughout the winter will not be charged for a spring cleanup when all of the snow melts and will continue with their subscription plan with locked-in rates.

No Access Policy

  • If Scoop Troop is unable to gain access to your yard because the gate has been locked you will still be charged for the cleaning, however, Scoop Troop will pull double duty the following week.
  • Your Scoop Technician will knock at the door and make attempts to call you before skipping your yard that day. You will be notified via the customer portal as well.

Dangerous Pet Policy

  • Scoop Troop loves working with dogs! Our technicians have no issue working with your dog in the yard.
  • If it is evident that your dog is aggressive, or will not let us clean the yard we will make attempts to contact you by knocking on the door, calling, and updating your online portal. If we are unable to clean due to a dangerous dog you will still be charged for the visit and Scoop Troop will pull double duty the following week.

Cancelation Policy

  • Scoop Troop has no contracts and customers can cancel services at any time for any reason with 48-hour notice. Customers can call in to cancel, or update their subscription plan through the customer portal.
  • Customers that pause services for certain times of the year will be subject to initial cleanup fees, or spring cleanup fees when they return to their monthly subscription.
  • If a customer cancels services halfway through the month they will be refunded for services that have occurred. The refund will be processed to the payment method on file in the customer portal.
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