The Scoop Troop Story

Scoop Troop’s Goal is to Make Life Easier for Pet Owners. 

Founded in late 2020 by William Milliken & Levi Swartz in Spokane Valley, WA. Scoop Troop was created to make life just a little bit better for dog owners in the local area by eliminating the most hated chore of all time…  scooping dog poop. 

Having picked up dog poop for years for their own dogs, the Scoop Troop founders knew pooper scooping was a service that was overlooked in the United States and set out to solve this unpleasant part of dog ownership. 

Scoop Troop quickly took off and now serves over 1,000 local customers every month and employs over a dozen dog loving team members. 

Currently Scoop Troop services the Spokane & Coeur d’ Alene regions with services stretching into Airway Heights and Hayden, ID. In the future Scoop Troop hopes to expand their pet waste removal services into other areas within Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

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Serviced Monthly 

In the Spokane & CDA Regions 

Meet the Scoop Troop Team

Scoop Troop Operations Manager Levi

Levi Swartz

Vice President

Levi is one of the co-founders of Scoop Troop and lives in Liberty Lake with his 2 bunnies, Dudley and Penelope.

Levi’s responsibilities include assisting with operations management, scheduling/dispatching, and answering all client questions and inquiries.

In his off time Levi can be found working as resume/career coach assisting individuals with finding their dream job.

Atlas the paw enforcement officer at scoop troop


Paw Enforcement Officer

Atlas was adopted from a shelter at a young age by Scoop Troop co-founder and General Manager William.

When Atlas was found he was severely underweight, beaten, and homeless.

Today Atlas is thriving in a loving home and enjoys spends his time playing with the family outside and patrolling his yard from potential intruders as the local Paw Enforcement Officer.

William Milliken - President of Scoop Troop

William Milliken


William is one of the co-founders of Scoop Troop and lives in Spokane Valley with his wife, newborn son and two dogs Kona & Atlas.

William can be found developing business systems to better service Scoop Troop customers, managing marketing campaigns and making sure the business meets the needs of as many pet owners as possible.

William is also a co-owner of Infinite Electric another local Spokane Valley company.

Scoop Troop Field Manager Nick F.

Nick F.

Spokane Manager

Nick is the lead Scoop Troop technician and was the first employee hired at the company.

He has a work ethic that is unmatched and enjoys spending time with his friends & family in the Spokane area.

Nick has a knack for cooking and can often be found trying out new recipes and making amazing food during his off time.

Customer Service Rep Andrew from Scoop Troop


Scoop Technician

Kona Picture on bridge


k-9 Resources

Kona is a social butterfly of a dog and helps to manage K-9 resources here at Scoop Troop. She lives in Spokane Valley with her little (big) brother Atlas.

The only thing Kona loves more then playing with other dogs is eating food... and she eats a lot of food!

Lead Scoop Troop tech Macie

Macie T.

Lead Scoop Technician

Macie is a Scoop Troop technician and loves spending with fluffy friends!
Sean from Scoop Troop


Scoop Technician

Kalia at Scoop Troop


Scoop Technician

Michael from Scoop Troop Photo


Scoop Technician

Pooper Scooper Dog


Dog Treat Tester

Shala From Scoop Troop


Scoop Technician

Macie is a Scoop Troop technician and loves spending with fluffy friends!