The Scoop Troop Story

Scoop Troop’s Goal is to Make Life Easier for Pet Owners. 

Founded in late 2020 by William Milliken & Levi Swartz in Spokane Valley, WA. Scoop Troop was created to make life just a little bit better for dog owners in the local area by eliminating the most hated chore of all time…  scooping dog poop. 

Having picked up dog poop for years for their own dogs, the Scoop Troop founders knew pooper scooping was a service that was overlooked in the United States and set out to solve this unpleasant part of dog ownership. 

Scoop Troop quickly took off and now serves over 1,500 customers every month and employs over a dozen dog-loving team members. 

Scoop Troop currently services the Spokane & Coeur d’Alene and Seattle regions with plans to continue expanding throughout the Pacific Northwest. 


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